Cow Protection

Cow Sanctuary

The cow as a species can be compared to a mother of humankind, as she gives her milk to humans thus nurturing our health and wellbeing. That is why a cow in some cultures is a symbol of Mother Earth and its bounty. In Bhumi’s farm neither cows nor other animals are exploited or slaughtered. Instead we try to protect and care for them throughout their lives and see them as persons with a right to live under humane and loving conditions. We also see that cows and other animals are useful for us in so many ways, not just for milk or meat, and that developing this vision of domesticated animals can help us to heal our relationship also with wild animals and nature in general.

Our Herd


Hey, I’m Bhumi. I was the first cow on the farm, so the farm was named after me. I’m Dhenu’s mother as well as Dharma’s and Tilak’s and at the same time Malini’s grandmother. I keep the whole herd together and make sure that everyone is well.

My favorite pastime is to eat grass but also to have fun by testing the fence and escaping because I know the grass is always greener on the other field.


Hi, I’m Tilak. With my special fur pattern and two different horns, I’m among the most unique oxen of all Sweden. Compared to my twin brother Dharma, I’m a little more shy but at the same time more gentle and soft.

My favorite pastime is chilling on the grass with my herd. Because I try to be gentle I let the ladies come first for eating. I know my mother likes me a lot.


Hey, I’m Dhenu, the daughter of Bhumi. When I came to the farm together with Bhumi I was very frightened when dealing with people because some bad things happened to me before. But if you come every day and are always kind to me, I can gradually start trusting you and let you give me a hug.

My favorite pastime is to spend time with my daughter Malini. Together you can find us relaxing on the grass and chewing delicious green grass.


Hey, I’m Dharma, the twin brother of Tilak. I would say I’m the biggest oxen around but at the same time the one with the biggest heart. I really like spending time with my human caretakers, especially getting scratches and grooming. I like to be the center of attention and you should therefore always come to me first. I can’t control my tongue and always want to be first to get food (I’m working on this).

My favorite pastime is to always be around when something exciting happens, for example when we accidentally had access to a tree garden (yummy). Also I like to be trained and go out for walks with our caretakers.


Hi, I’m Malini. I’m the daughter of Dhenu and I have the brightest smile of all of us (especially when I enjoy tasty things) and I’m white like snow in the winter. I like to be cuddled on the neck and head. That’s why I follow my caretakers when they are around.

My favorite pastime is spending time with my Mom and relaxing on the grass. I’m happy when we all are together on the field.

Steps Toward More Cow Protection

Through the NGO Bhumi’s Friends, we want to:

Cow protection is not just a charity,
but a social responsibility.

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