Our Spiritual Journey

Once, when Emiiia was a little schoolgirl at the age of 7, she learned about the missionaries going to Africa. She became a bit puzzled, since didn't think God would be exclusively the property of any particular religious group from a particular geographic area. She thought that the possibility to reconnect with God must be innate in all people around the world, and in some way as old as the universe. Prompted by this realization she searched for a universal religion, or at least a non-sectarian religion. As a young adult she found just that in the ancient Vedic literature, like the Srimad-Bhagavatam and the Bhagavad-Gita, the latter which she years later translated into Finnish, her mother tounge. The Gita tells about how the eternal soul reincarnates into different bodies until it realizes its eternal connection with God.

Also as a child, Eric once went to the circus with his parents, and witnessed a performance by an Indian yogi. This yogi demonstrated several advanced yogic postures, which made quite an impression on the little boy. Later, at age 11, he got a book about yoga, and started to practice postures himself. As a young adult, he learned that the words religion ("re-connect") and yoga ("link together") are synonymous. After studying the Bible and other spiritual literatures, he, too, landed in the Vedic tradition, following some of its tenets. The essence of the Vedic wisdom is meant to awaken unselfish love of God, and it presents practical ways to nurture it.

In the late 1970's, early 1980's, Emiilia's and Eric's spiritual journeys converged, as they independently joined an ashram outside Stockholm, and met one another during the daily functions. A few years later, they married and started a family. Later on, they managed that same ashram for a couple of years, and thereafter some information centers for Vedic culture over the coming years. Having brought up two children and approaching retirement, and fast-forwarding to 2015, they lived in the countryside in South Sweden, where they decided to adopt a couple of cows. In the Vedic tradition, cows are regarded as the mother of religion, and caring for Mother Cow is a powerful way of serving God. Although the traditional way of approaching God is through awe and veneration, the more intimate relationships are based on simplicity and attraction to God's sweetness. Therefore, a commonly used name of God is Krishna, which means "the all-attractive".

The world's oldest and most comprehensive library of spiritual wisdom, the Vedic literature such as Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, describes the ultimate truth as the all-pervading existence, consciousness and joy. This world, as we know it, is but a small fraction of existence, and as conscious beings, we belong not to this material world but to the spiritual world, engaged in a loving relationship with God, the Supreme, all-powerful and all-knowing Person. The temporary creation of this world with all its beauty, is just a reflection of the spiritual world. It has been given to us as a playground for our attempts to derive temporary pleasure in separation from God. At the same time, it offers us a possibility to awaken and nurture our dormant spirituality. As children of God, we have a right to sustain our existence, but at the same time protect and cherish the nature, with all its other living beings.

Grounded in this realization, Emiilia and Eric, in their personal life, sought a lifestyle more coherent with the Vedic ideals and ethics, and have since 2016 worked with building up a small community, dedicated to organic self-sustainability and ethical animal care. To this day, they have hosted and educated over 250 volunteers from more than 50 countries in this ancient art of natural living.

Another important area of interest is the practice of bhakti-yoga: chanting, meditation and study of spiritual philosophy, meant for the upliftment of the consciousness of the practitioners. The farm has a beautiful temple room, where spiritual programs are arranged, as well as different festivals and ceremonies. All such events are open for everone interested.

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