Our Approach

Care for Body, Mind & Soul

Empowering Youth requires first and foremost a healthy body, a peaceful mind and a connection with the higher self. Through our youth activities, we aim to provide young people with the most important foundation for a happy life. 

By volunteering on the farm, volunteers have the opportunity to learn about and apply the main areas of a self-sufficient life, connect with animals and nature, attend different seminars, work on individual projects, prepare delicious and vegetarian dishes, learn exciting content based on Vedic knowledge and participate in kirtans. 

Healthy Body

  • Learn how to grow our own food according to Permaculture Principles.
  • Learn how to prepare healthy and nutritious meals.
  • Bring more awareness about sleeping quality.
  • Appropriate and comfortable Accommodation.
  • Learn and experiment the benefits of a Vegetarian diet.

Peaceful Mind

  • Find the right balance between work and free time. 
  • Caring and supporting community. 
  • Quiet and peaceful place close to nature and animals.
  • Dedicated and trustful mentor for personal development.
  • Activities and expeditions (music instruments, books, computers, wifi, games, seminars, visits, festivals, TV…)
  •  Meaningful time for reflexion

Soul Connection

  • Mantra meditation.
  • Seminars and lectures about spirituality.
  • Vedic culture in a day to day life
  • Spiritual bond between community members.
  • Reconnection with nature (forests, animals, plants etc.).
  • Emotional Intelligence Practice

A meaningful lifestyle

1. Health

- Sleep
- Food
- Recovery

3. Service

- Learning skills
- Using skills
- Teaching skills

2. Spiritual Practice

- Personal meditation
- Group meditation
- Vedic philosophy

4. Study

- Listening
- Reading
- Exchanging knowledge

Learning Activities

The learning activities are designed to strengthen the following areas: personal leadership and management, autonomy and social skills (solidarity, tolerance, inclusion), resilience and coping ability (learn how to deal with challenges), employability, starting and running a business and spiritual science (realize oneself and one's potential).

Simple Living – High Thinking


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