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Bhumi – A Rural Method

The two year project “Bhumi – A Rural Method” is an Erasmus+ 24 month small-scale partnership between Bhumi’s Vänner and two youth organisations in Spain and France. It’s purpose is to develop a blueprint for cooperation amongst small rural communities across Europe and to engage European Youth in the development of tools and skills for rural dwellers in the 21st century.

The summit was a one week stay where 30 young adults from Sweden, Spain and France gathered mobility at Bhumi’s Farm from the 28 June until 5 July 2022 to test and experience different aspects of the model.


During the mobility week, the participants were lodged 20 minutes away at Hörjelgården, an local old farm preserved by a foundation which has strong connections to Bhumi’s Farm. The logistics like breakfast were self-organised by the participants under the supervision of the youth leaders from each country. This autonomy was highly appreciated by the young participants and resulted in good and well organized behaviour.

Learning Activities

The mobility week was packed with different activities lead by staff and recruited teachers. The learning activities took place at Bhumi’s Farm and Hörjelgården’s lecture room. The schedule was compact and contained several indoor/outdoor activities like workshops and seminars as well as time for bonding and relaxation:

Simple Living – High Thinking


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