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Empowering Youth

Young people are capable of doing incredible and even beyond belief things. When young people are supported, inspired and educated in an environment where others openly encourage and value their opinions and thoughts on different issues, shaping and developing our society would become so much better and easier.

”To know what will make you happy, you have to know who you are.”

Vedic wisdom

The main purpose of life of every human being is to seek for a happy life. But nowadays most of young people don’t know where or how to find happiness. They are confronted with many crisis and conflicts and a lot of them struggle to find a meaning to their lives. 

At Bhumi’s farm we encourage and support young people, by teaching them how to live a better and happier life in a calm and empowering environment. 

Why Is Youth Empowerment Important?

Empowering and enabling young people on their life journey is a major goal we address at Bhumi's Farm. The very reason why we focus on Youth Empowerment is that we want to inspire and give them the drive they need in order to take control of their lives. Continuous Youth Empowerment will lead to young people's development and improvement of skills they need in the future. Also, knowing and discovering their full potential and capabilities will result in unleashing their best traits and qualities as human beings, giving them better chances of a better future.

Since 2016, over 200 young adults from 51 countries have participated in the farm’s activities to make the vision of leading a pure, healthy and spiritually enlightened life aimed at self-sufficiency of food, shelter and energy a reality. The volunteers have stayed between one month to almost a year and learned how to properly care for cows and horses, grow one’s own food, work in teams, making and repairing clothes and utilities, building shelters and produce energy.

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Empowering, Engaging and Connecting Young Adults from all over the World

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